Er, What, Summer Projects?

I thought that I would have some kind of idea of making particular things, like a fun crochet vest (that I started forevah ago) or a cute boho bag. Lots of research screenshots and Pinning happened. My project list has been derailed.

Behold! A water bottle carrier. Tres necessite. I was at a festival a couple weeks back and didn’t have pockets but was trying to carry my water around. I made two others, with my sons in mind.

And a cowl made of glorious angora and alpaca. It’s so light and lovely. This is an inspired adaptation of the Malia Cowl. I was drawn to the slip stitching and bobbles it had. I originally thought this yarn was destined to be something lacy and gauzy but it kept slipping off the needles so I gave up knitting it. I have the perfect toggle buttons somewhere to finish it up.

I must share my newest additions to my collection of tools and whatnot. I picked up some Majestic needles and they are just stunning! They were on sales because I think Knit Picks is discontinuing them. So sad. I picked up a couple Caspian hooks as well. The needles in my hand are Foursquares, meaning they are not round but have sides. It’ll be interesting to knit with them. Also, do you see Sparkles? I picked up the pin and key chain for her! I’ve been wanting them for awhile. I don’t know where I’m putting the pin because the back clasp doesn’t seem so secure and I don’t want to loose her so right now she is knestled in my knitting bag.

Did I share my start in the Virus Shawl? Such an easy and fast pattern; I can see the allure. It’s pretty but I find it tedious. I don’t want to finish it :/ I may rip it out and use the yarn for something else. Speaking of frogging, I’ve undone a sock I’ve started three times at least because I haven’t been happy with the gauge. I did a gauge swatch to finally figure that I definitely needed to drop my needle size down from 4 to a 2-3. Such tiny needles. So many thousands of stitches. No picture of that yet since it’s only like an inch of cuff.

I have an idea for a boho bag or two and really want to finish up some baby sandals I need to put details on and maybe try to weave something. I’ve got ideas!

Hope your summer is going swell and you finish your summer projects!

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