Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival
Vendor Rules and Regulations

By signing the vendor application form, you acknowledge that you have read the Vendor Rules and Regulations and agree to all terms listed below.

  1.  75% of your products must be natural fibers or fiber related unless approved by our committee. The festival reserves the right to not invite a vendor back the subsequent year.
  2. Vendors are responsible for keeping their booth area clean. Trash receptacles will be provided for small trash items. Vendors are responsible for removing large trash items, such as boxes, from the grounds.
  3. Vendors are required to be open for the times posted. No late openings or early closings.
  4.  If licensed, vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting PA Sales Tax.
  5. No pets will be allowed on the fairgrounds.
  6. No booth refunds will be granted after April 19th. Any refunds prior to that will be the booth fee minus a 30% processing fee.
  7. The Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival does NOT provide insurance for Vendors or their products. The Vendor agrees to hold harmless, defend and protect the Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival from any claims, demands, suites, damages, losses, costs or expenses which might arise out of any action or failure to act by the Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival, or any of its officers, representatives, etc. , and to hold the Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival harmless from any and all liability and responsibility arising from any accident or injury sustained by the Vendors participation in, or presence at the festival.
  8. The Festival reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave if they violate these terms or if their products do not appropriately adhere to the above mentioned rules. The Festival will not be liable for any monies or damages incurred. Please note that anyone seen defacing or is found to have defaced any fairground property will not be allowed to return and may face further charges.

Any questions, please e-mail Centralpennfiberfest@gmail.com.